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I badly wants to know his name!!! :)

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All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor
   9:40 pm on Sunday, October.05.2014










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this is so amazing!

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These guys are GREAT!

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After being pushed back 3 times, the world’s tallest water slide ‘Verrückt’ (German for ‘insane’) finally opened to the public in July 2014. Jeff Henry, owner of Schlitterbahn Waterparks and Resorts and head designer John Schooley, took the first plunge down the 168ft slide.

John Schooley describes it “You have three or four experiences on the ride. There is a 3-second free fall before you get launched into a weightless situation for a few seconds, and then you come down like a roller coaster and have a long splash down.”

Up to 4 people can go down together using one of the 4 seater rafts and can hit speeds of up to 40-50 miles per hour! It really is ‘Verrückt’

Source : Awesome Inventions

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pi vs. e

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Fun Calculus Jokes!
   5:39 am on Wednesday, September.03.2014


Today my math teacher handed out a sheet with the following:

You might love derivatives if:

  • When your friend flipped a coin the other day, you said, “That’s what I call a rate of change!”
  • You love it when people go on tangents.
  • You loudly commented at the grocery store the other day that, “This express line looks more like a linear approximation!”
  • You always respond to chain letters because they remind you of the Chain Rule.
  • Your new favorite singer is Aretha Franklin. (Our teacher used “Chain of Fools” to introduce the Chain Rule to us.)
  • You have a giant tattoo of the quotient rule on your back.
  • You time the cashiers and see who gives the fastest rate of change.
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they warned you this would happen, but you didn’t listen, did you?

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SEC C !!! =)))))

Meet the most complicated human being you'll ever met.
Hello, I'm Queenie. Nice meeting you. :)
Don't believe my homepage, I'm so very human, I've never seen a pink ant in my entire life, and skinning people is too disgusting for my taste.

Im the Evil Creature, Proudly owned by Sarah and Edmon♥, got stuck in the elevator with the Zhang Jike, and Married to HoK Konishi <3.

but not really grown up yet. Loves a lot of things, hates a lot more. Not too ordinary, not too special. I won't say I'm unique, I'm just a little bit more different from everyone, just like everybody else.

I'm a student engineering, i'm a Pink alien from Saturn, cleverly disguised as a human, a Filipino Human with Phoenix Eyes, a brat, a lazy ass, a pessimist, an internet pirate, a liar, and a lot more.I can be very superficial, messy, selfish, witty, unreliable, shallow, creative, cruelly honest, idealistic and anything but nice at times.

I am passionate about arts, photography, web and graphic design and I am somewhat fascinated about physics, algebra, greek mythology and world history. I can't live without Hello Kitty, plushies, chinese and korean cultures and subcultures, strawberry, sweets, bishies, fiction,and freebies. I greatly enjoy going to theme/amusement parks, pigging around on lazy days, winter, reading a good book and watching a nice movie, shopping, and having random witty conversations.

I totally despise powercuts, school events, confrontations, morning classes, noisy neighbors, people gaining at my expense without my consent , hospitals, pressure, my hometown, StICky CaPs, injections, allergies, surpirse visits, mary sues and those annoying damsel-in-distress in shounen animes. And I'm officially allergic to heat, copycats, stupidity and lame excuses.

I'm both sides of the coin. I cry and laugh at almost anything. I have a lot of issues, confusing attitude and contradicting thoughts, controversial beliefs, and I've got patent for having the craziest ideas. I am weird and a half, randomness personified. And people often wonder why I think the way I do.

I often have this stupid whim to detach myself from the world when everything's too close and lock myself up. I still have a lot of friends though. Miraculously. And ironically I am still interested in meeting different people. I'm not yet sure whether human beings are disgusting or amazing, myself included, and I want to find out.

I always wait for the first summer rain, I find the smell of books intoxicating, I'm happiest on cold days and I'm always fascinated of fireflies and thunderstorms. Regardless of my seemingly stoic ways, my views having a bit too darker shades and skeletons in my closet, I can be very carefree and simple things can actually make me very happy.I still believe in happy endings and miracles. I wanna see that rainbow and find my drive again, I wanna refuse growing up, search for a pot of gold, stop the world for a moment and chase after a fairy tale. Of course I can't, but I keep on trying :P

This tiny space can't sum me up, it will take forever to explain myself,and I don't wanna bore you anymore so I'll stop it here. Feel free to ask me question about anything,there's no guarantee I'll answer them though.




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If you want to, go ahead. If you don't, then just erase all this extra code in the edit HTML section.

How do I change FAQ?

In the edit HTML section. Just ctrl + f for "faq goes here" and then add, remove, and change as you wish.

Why isn't my ask form working?

Make sure that you type in your url in the customization bar. You only need to type in your username, not the part. So I would put "primrosetylers" instead of ""

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